DIY home improvement

Sometimes improving your home doesn’t have to be expensive and the impact can clearly be felt – nicer interior or in some cases even increased home value. The video below gives a few top notch ideas on how to go for a do it yourself, impactful home improvement.

The author is very creative and the tips should help any home owner!


Flat restoration costs

It is the dream and desire of every real estate investor, to make the most out of selling a flat they own, or are interested in. However, having a flat is one thing and having the flat in perfect condition is another; thus the need for flat restoration.  Restoring a flat will definitely help raise its value and worth, and assure you of maximum returns. Even for a new tenant looking to occupy a new flat, restoring it will not just help you get value for your money; it also ensures that your stay is comfortable. flat

The cost of a flat restoration will vary and can be anything from $ 10 to $ 1m. This is because the restoration will be determined by among other things; does the flat need a partial, or total restoration? Does the restoration entail just replacing broken windows, damaged door handles, or it is as complex as requiring a complete floor overhaul, replacement of all doors or windows, or the entire roofing, or a replacement of all the bathroom sinks and accessories? Such questions are what really determine the actual cost of a flat restoration.  The best thing is to get a technician to come and do an estimation of all that needs to be restored, and then help you calculate the cost of restoring the flat.