Flat restoration costs

It is the dream and desire of every real estate investor, to make the most out of selling a flat they own, or are interested in. However, having a flat is one thing and having the flat in perfect condition is another; thus the need for flat restoration.  Restoring a flat will definitely help raise its value and worth, and assure you of maximum returns. Even for a new tenant looking to occupy a new flat, restoring it will not just help you get value for your money; it also ensures that your stay is comfortable. flat

The cost of a flat restoration will vary and can be anything from $ 10 to $ 1m. This is because the restoration will be determined by among other things; does the flat need a partial, or total restoration? Does the restoration entail just replacing broken windows, damaged door handles, or it is as complex as requiring a complete floor overhaul, replacement of all doors or windows, or the entire roofing, or a replacement of all the bathroom sinks and accessories? Such questions are what really determine the actual cost of a flat restoration.  The best thing is to get a technician to come and do an estimation of all that needs to be restored, and then help you calculate the cost of restoring the flat.

How to evaluate a property in Perth

evaluate-a-propertyIf you want to buy, sell or take a home loan in Perth, it is crucial that you have the property evaluated as this is the best way to know its true value. Currently there are many property valuation experts in the city that you can hire to do this job for you but as you do that, you should as well get familiar with the whole process of property evaluation. Here are a few things you should know about this exercise.

  • Research

You can personally evaluate the property in Perth. You just need to get all the relevant data about the area where the property is situated, how much has property in the area been selling for, when they were sold and sizes of various property in that locality. You can get this information from a real estate agent or you can access it from various online sites. Researching personally will help you find out all you can without even hiring a valuer.

  • Make use of a valuer

This is an expert whose work is to assess the property before coming up with its value. They too consider a number of things like the location of the property, past records on how property in that area performed in the market and market trends. Valuers are important especially if you feel that you may not be objective when evaluating the property yourself. Once they are done, they will give you a detailed report and if need be, their findings are admissible in a court of law. It is imperative that you ensure that the property valuer of your choice is licensed to operate in the state.

  • Supply the valuer with all the necessary details

Before the valuer begins his/her work, make sure you give them all the details required. These will include information like your personal details, the reasons for carrying out a valuation and who the valuer is working for. Information about the property to be evaluated should also be included. Make sure they have the exact address of the property, property type, contact person, asking price and so on. Finally, make an agreement with the valuer on things like how much your will pay them, the date when the evaluation will be carried out, when you expect the report and who else should have access to it.


Property evaluation is something you can personally do but for more accurate results, make use of a qualified property valuer in Perth.


If you want to hire a property valuer in Perth, make an effort of getting one who is unbiased and negotiate the fee with them before they commence their work.